Let's get SERIOUS

with your Future!

You don't have to be a

full-time business owner to create

financial freedom for your family!

  • You don’t think you have enough time to start 

  • You don’t think you have enough money

  • You have too many ideas and you don't know which to focus on!

  • You have no idea where to begin

You've been wanting to start

that business but,

The BIRTH Blueprint Logo.jpg


The B.I.R.T.H. Blueprint is my signature planning tool for anyone who is preparing to launch a business or needs to reevaluate their existing business. It is a deep dive into the foundational elements of any enterprise.

The B.I.R.T.H. Blueprint has 5 Elements:

  • B: Basics – The Foundation -- your customers and your products/services

  • I: Intentions – Your Why, Mission, and Vision

  • R: Resources – The tangibles and intangibles that make your business run

  • T: Treasury – All things money—your costs and revenue

  • H: How – Time to put it in action! This is your marketing plan


The B.I.R.T.H. Blueprint replaces the traditional business plan in most cases. (If you are seeking funding or a grant, developing a traditional business plan is recommended.)

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